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19th October, 2017


This is just one of the truly amazing new Mosaics on the parvis of Ta' Pinu Basilica which is just a couple of minutes walk down the road from San Pupulju farmhouse. They truly are quite stunning.


24th August, 2017

Above is a picture of the Basilica of Ta' Pinu taken from our the roof terrace of San Pupulju. Work has just finished on some lovely mosaics which have been erected in front of the church.

The sunset photo was taken from the Salt Pans along the shore past Qbajjar. One of my favourite spots in Gozo.


24th July, 2017


It has been a very hot summer so far but, fortunately, we have some strong wind coming over the next 3 days which should give us some cooler temperatures. Whatever the weather, at the end of the day one of the most enjoyable moments is enjoying a drink looking out over the view in front of San Pupulju house above.



11th July, 2017

So far we have had a very hot summer with a heatwave a couple of weeks ago and higher than average temperatures ever since. On such hot days there is nothing better than cooling off in the refreshing pool at San Pupulju farmhouse or taking a cool dip in the sea at one of the nearby swimming spots.

Above is the quaint are of the boathouses down at the Inland Sea in Dwejra.


25th June, 2017

After some decent steady rain this winter, the fruit crop this summer seems to be a bumper crop. The figs have been delicious and the peaches lovely, sweet and messy to eat.....delicious! There are also the sweet cherry plums which we haven't seen for quite a while......the problem is you just cannot stop eating them. The melons have started early too. We are now looking forward to the fleshy Maltese tomatoes full of flavour and the best to make our traditional Hobz biz-Zejt (translated as bread with oil). To make this delicious snack you need a loaf of Maltese bread, slice it up. Cut a ripe tomato (and more) in half and spread it over the bread. Drizzle olive oil over the top, season with salt and pepper and scatter with capers and the remainder of tomato. Yummy!


30th March, 2017

We have started the 2017 season, and we are happy to say that it has started on an excellent note. We have, so far, been very blessed with hosting lovely guests. Below is the wonderful and colourful review we received in the visitors book - the first for 2017.


15th March, 2017



The news has been all over the world. Last week we lost our lovely Azure Window.

We had some very strong wind and heavy seas and the pillar gave way bringing the whole window down with it.

Gozo has lost its most popular tourist attraction and all of us, who have been brought up with the lovely natural structure, feel a great loss. Driving to Dwejra is just not the same - it seems so empty. 

There are, of course, other beautiful attractions down at Dwejra with the Inland Sea, Fungus Rock, fossil covered rocks, the Blue Hole for diving and swimming and the Dwejra Tower........but the star of them all is no longer there.



25th February, 2017

I love these spring sunny days. Definitely the best time of year for me. The islands are looking really beautiful right now, very green, wild flowers everywhere and perfect temperature for lovely coastal and country walks.

Above is a section of the yacht marina down at the pretty Gozo harbour.





10th February, 2007

Today is the feast of St. Paul which is a national holiday here on the Maltese Islands. It celebrates the time St. Paul was shipwrecked in Malta whilst being taken, as a prisoner, to Rome. It was at this time, nearly 2000 years ago, he brought Christianity to Malta.

The actual feast is celebrated in Valletta at the church of St. Paul Shipwreck.


14th January,2017

Above is the tupical Maltese Dghajsa (pronounced dai-y-sa) which were used mainly to ferry passengers and small items from ships to the shore within the Grand Harbour. Some people liken them to the Gondolas in Venice, but in truth are quite different. Several original Dghajsa are still used to day to ferry people or tourists between Valletta and Birgu. There are also special editions of the Dghajsa made for racing. The biggest rowing regatta being on the 8th September and quite spectacular to watch within the Grand Harbour itself.


26th December, 2016


10th December, 2016

ember, 2016

The old bridge just round the corner in Xlendi on the way to the tower. A lovely little walk to a beautiful area. Also a great place to swim and snorkel. There are steps cut out of the rock that take you down to the shoreline and a ladder in to the crystal blue sea.



17th November, 2016





Like the rest of the world, here in Malta and Gozo, we have had our share of Super Moon viewings. We were fortunate enough to have also had quite an imressive electrical storm on the Super Moon night.


8th November, 2016

2016 is more or less over. It has been another good season for us meeting new and old faces from various parts of the globe.

Now we look ahead at 2017. We will shortly be starting our annual maintenance on the house and before we know it next season will be upon us.

Prices for 2017 remain the same with a small change in the way we are pricing the months of July and August - depending on occupancy.

We have many guests who like to spend a couple of days of their holiday in Malta. I always recommend staying in the capital city of Valletta - the city ''built by gentlemen for gentlemen''. It truly is a beautiful city and a must see, even just for a day trip. The picture below is one of the turrets at various points around the surrounding bastions.

Meanwhile, bookings have started to come in for next summer, so don't leave it too late. Any questions you may have please do not hesitate to email me. I always help out as best as I can.